Artist Statement and Bio


I am a multimedia artist based in amiskwaciw√Ęskahikan (Edmonton) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (Painting, Museum Studies) from the University of Alberta as well as a certificate in Arts and Cultural Management (Museum/Gallery Management) from MacEwan University. Painting and drawing are at the foundation of my artist practice, where automatic lines and expressive use of colour exist interchangeably. From this process, the body and environments each carry psychic residue from spiritual and physical transformations influenced by one another. In order to further depict the transitions of figures and cycles of decay and regeneration within their settings, I have turned to sequential and temporally-based media. Sound and animation are among my recent explorations and each of them stems from an improvised, intuitive process based on collage and organic forms.

In my spare time I volunteer in the arts, tend to a community garden plot and host a community radio program. As a new mother, I share a creative space with my child and our daily walks provide inspiration for my recent stop motion animation and sound pieces.

This website archives drawings and paintings with updates on my latest work.

(Photo by Shirley Tse)

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