soon-another: artwork of caitlin sian richards

I am a multimedia artist based in amiskwaciwâskahikan (Edmonton) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art and Design from the University of Alberta. My art stems from an improvised, intuitive process with drawing and painting as the foundation. My recent work in animation and sound explores collage and movement of lines and gestures, which capture shifting seasons and processes of decay and regeneration. In all of my work I search for the impressions and imprints of a figure that has passed through an environment.


Song lyrics

Found these lyrics for songs I wrote in 2013. Still enjoy them and thought I’d share them here


don’t laugh

i used to walk forward

now i just wanna go home

she said

don’t stray too far from the shore

find safety in packaging on your back

used to walk forward…i used to walk forward

but now i just walk backwards because it’s easier it’s less weight that way travels…

travels lighter uphills

can you see me?

i’m smiling at you in the dark

just easier that way sometimes

when i’m talking to you you’re following me

so it’s better to face you sometimes

than to have my back to you

you can’t trust anyone these days

sometimes i’d rather be swimming under the river or flying overhead in a jet plane

it’s the closest you can get to being a star

don’t laugh

she said

i used to walk forward but now i just want to go home

if i follow you into the distance it’s easier to get lost

that way we can be tethered from eye to eye than to have you prickling at the back of my skull

it’s easier to sleep too

when you’re tethered from the clouds (i guess)

or i’d rather be tethered to nothing (i guess) than to face you again


I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for the time when we must keep running

You’ll see a flash of lightning…it’s a signal to hit the avalanche

Driving through the mountains…it’s loud with the race down the sides


If you are crooning at the ocean don’t forget to wave the seahorses by




Dancing with the dangers…it’s time to put away your injuries…it’s time to take your fears and put them back in line

I think I might be naked…keep waking in the middle of a war

Got nothing on these shoulders except the weight of my armour


The concept of the stars that guide us seem too far up into the sky


for no reason at all!

Here’s to looking at you oracle…here’s to meeting at the finish gates

The legends of our ancestors drive us to the crashing waves

A little balance and determination are all you ever needed to overcome obstacles and become a saviour

Members of the waking tide…I need you for a countdown…3…2..1….

I need you to decide when to